Love. Love. Love.
Dancing. In the snow.

left-over grins and tricks

you know those times when you just laughed your face off for a good few minutes and your face muscles just don't really know what to do with themselves? and your mouth is just left in this off half-smile. those are called
left-over grins.

also. my fish, king earl, he does tricks.
the other night he did a jump out of his bowl and back in.

to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die...

Happy List:
1. red lipstick.
2. red nailpolish.
3. when i actually finish my homework the night before it's due.
4. the smiths.
5. the shins.
6. my new leather bag.
7. carrie. she is the goddess of love.
8. the color yellow.
9. church. i love church.
10. apples and milk. mmmm.

have fun.


Today I saw a beautiful thing.

The sun.

Oh how i have missed you.

Please come see me in Pleasant Grove soon.

*haaaa i took this picture in the cala forni ay.


wo and behold. i went crazy.

yes I do have a weakness. we all do. i've always known i have a hard time with not spending my money. and as i was driving to the mall today I knew I should turn around and avoid it. but..i didn't. and forever 21 is  very much my favorite store in the mall. i probably died twenty times while in there due to their wonderful vintage clothing. i went crazy.

*i do not like Pepsi, but i love this picture.


i fell in love today.

with yoga.

picture from this lovely blog.

i do believe...

...this is a very neat picture of carrie.
*this marvelous shot was taken by me in Gandolfos Deli.

you may notice the vintage headband carrie is wearing...
yes we do like to make our own headbands.

Huzzah for derbies

miss those summer days.


hi i'm jenna...

and i like surprises.

i love....

Happy Lists!
1. dancing in the doxtek parking lot with carrie
2. the song, set the fire to the third bar
3. yoga
4. Freaking Mike's beautiful smell
5. when sid tells me she is in the "Get Some" kinda mood...
6. backing into parking spaces
7. donuts in the church parking lot
8. dreaming of visiting new york someday
9. thinking of names for my future children and getting really excited when we think of a really good one
10. the face carrie makes when she is laughing but no sound is coming out

Do you remember that one time we made peach shakes and it ended up on the ceiling?

That was a fun time


Is divine nature a doxtek value? Yes.

Are you a black licorice fan? I'm not, yet, i have this new love for Good & Plenty. You should give them a try sometime.

Today was full of surprises.

-The mic check guy's name is Andreas, that leads me to believe he is of Mexican persuasion.
-The only thing I seem to get in trouble for is not eating.
-I went home to change for aerobics and surprise i'm locked out of my house. That would be why i'm wearing Jenna's black training bra.
-I can do a headstand like a drill team girl.
-Spencer Bartlett stalks me.
-I got invited to a doxtek team meeting which changed my life.
-I thought of a new word I would like to use. Goober.

Shut up Carrie. K.

please with a cherry on top

oh how I want to see you.
i need to get me one of these.
someday I will have a dog like this.

I nominate Freaking Mike for E.O.M. (employee of the month)

What I Learned Today:

Freaking Mike looks good and smells even better while wearing glasses.
It takes approx. 5 seconds for Keith to realize his phone is ringing.
Doxtek. Is headed for a very successful year in the paper business.
Yoga is definitely going on my happy list for today.
I can do math.
Thomas Clegg smells like diapers.
Spencer Adamson is still my husband. I thought we were divorced...apparently not.
Carrie and I enjoy surprises.

Jenna. Carrie.....It's time

Doxtek team meeting = pure success


Sunday Night Blues.

Things I want to do:
Watch Breakfast at Tiffany's
Paint my nails. Not just a quick brush over, but a high quality painting.
Make cupcakes
Maybe read Dear John

Things I have to do:
Pick out a vintage outfitt for tomorrow
Read 20 pages of US history
38 questions of biology
Those worthless english assignments

But you know what. I'm so glad i'm not in Haiti starving and without parents right now.

You know what time it is??
Happy happy happy happy list time.

Ten things that made me happy on Sunday January 24
1. I used the word lune in a casual conversation
2. When my mother made me and egg for breakfast I whispered to myself "i'm eating your unborn"
3. Jenna gave me some beautiful new music. Somehow i missed the opera one though. Big whoop.
4. Cade played chiropractor on my today.
5. I got a high fiver from Jeremy for working for five hours on my saturday.
6. Stake conference is always good, today's expecially.
7. The fact that I have real friends.
8. The sun came out. I haven't had to squint in ages it seems like.
9. We gave birth to this blog.
10. I made some really nice goals for this week that i will be keeping.

So huzzah.

last year we had the flu...it was sad.

this is jenna and carrie.
we decided to create this blog so we can always remember our marevelous adventures.
and we are friends.
big whoop.