in a blanket fort.

you wanna do it right? do it like this. perfect.
i love them.
ps. Josh plays the harmonica.
happy Wednesday.

if a boy ever serenaded me with a harmonica...

i would probably love him forever....

words from a wednesday.

I swear school is getting more and more pointless everyday. I lay in bed every morning and think of every reason why i shouldn't have to go. Summer please hurry.
But oh, a few good things have happened this week to keep me going.

Like the fact that I have a real skateboarding wound. Right there on my elbow. I might have hit a pine cone when i was trying out Spencer's skateboard in the golf course parking lot...and i might have bruises all over my body from the fall...maybe...

And Jenna is running for student body president. Yr. gonna vote fur Jenna.
We killed our fruit fly family in biology, that was neat.
Spring Break is going to be so insane. Two days. Two days.
IF i get asked to prom i found the perfect vintage dress on etsy.
And i fell in love with Ben Kwellers voice.


hiked the G today.

we had a grand time.


yes. i am aware that it is almost midnight and i still have not finished studying for my Political Science test that is tomorrow morning.

i did a little research and i found out that the copy of Collier's National Weekly magazine from 1919 that i now own is kinda special. apparently the magazine had been going on for about twenty-five years but then the guy in charge died and it was sold to a new company. the new company started the magazine up again in 1919 and it turned out to be pretty popular. so obviously my 1919 copy is special. i guess you can say it represents the start of something great. the start of getting your homework done before ten at night? neat.

I found you.

I have never wanted a worldly possesion as bad as I want you, 1978 vw candy apple red convertable beetle. I'm taking out a loan tomorrow. Because I want you. We would look so good driving together. I am already in love with you. 5,000 dollars is all I need. I need you.

making me happy.

getting letters in the mail.
antique shops.
new maps for my collection.
and my old Collier's magazine from 1919 i found at Rosebud Antiques yesterday.
this is from a page in the magazine, how cool is that?
my dog.

Who would dare to mess with this?

...not me


this is megan.
spoon me. mmmm. have i mentioned we love frozen yogurt shops?
they're cute.
then we played with glow sticks.

and it was all swell.


top of the morning to you.

i'm off to my soccer game in the far off land of wood's cross. but i thought i would introduce my new cuddle friend.

meet Runie, six week old old english bulldog. my parents and i have always wanted a bulldog and we finally got one! she's the cutest thing that's entered my household.
happy Saturday!


Quelqu'un m'a dit.

i am now obsessed with french music. this is my favorite. i don't reccomend watching the video, it's not bad, the guy just gave me creep vibes.
picture from google images.
this is Julia Child, she is an inspiration. she wrote a cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. someday i hope to cook some of her recipes. go watch Julie and Julia, a movie about her. i love it.
Bon Appetit!


i just remembered one time when a really old lady flipped me off while i was driving alone and i almost crashed cause i was laughing toooo much.

remember chaco chuesday. week one?
they can trudge through some tough terrain at swift speeds. and they make me power hungry.

Insecure my gaggi.


"faced with a dodo's conundrum..."

conundrum. (co-nun-drum):
1. a riddle, the answer to which involves a pun or play on words, as what is black and white and read all over? a newspaper.
2. anything that puzzles.

cool word eh? and here's a dodo bird for your enjoyment. aren't they ugly? apparently Carrie and i are too insecure? and that is why we go home for lunch? no no, we go home to eat and enjoy real food, and we don't feel like we need to be at school to feel cool. insecure my gaggi. please please go watch this video, this guy cracks us up like none other, go watch his other videos too. especially the malk one.

Hey Megan, do you remember any of this?

The night started off with a sweet surprise. Jenna's Gaggi (you know, grandpa) gave us one hundred dollars. Heck yeah.
Andy looked at us like this.
Craig had a real fish on his shirt.
Mom helped you put your shoes on.
Mom looked hot.
....so did we
Uncle Mary had a receding hair line

Then it turned ten.
The lights went off.
We rocked it at bowling.
Then your knee got plowed over by a four year old and we took you home.
You had fun.


Well sometimes i think of six impossible things before breakfast.


I love it when people use funny words when they are being serious. Such as today when Spencer said "lurking" but he really wanted to say "perusing" but he didn't know how to spell it. Both very great words that i will be throwing into my daily vocabulary.

Kassie Hymas almost killed me today. We were just driving along in her little blue bug, listening to big band, stuffing our faces with popcorn when she just cruises right through a four way stop and almost kills us and a small family. I'll drive next time.

Dr. Pepper made with real sugar cane is heavenly. I'm never going back to the fake stuff.

I was invited to the young single adults social this week. That makes me very uncomfortable.

Let's make this a good week ay?

i watched new moon last night and hated it.

everytime i go to Kneaders i give them a fake name.
last time i was Ezra.
(by the way they have THE BEST mango tango smoothie.)


Nathan Pickett.

i like this video. it's shot completely in natural light at nighttime, amazing. the song is by Vampire Weekend. and the couple is super cute. i wish i could make videos like this.


last week was hard but it was still fantastic. Vampire Weekend concert!!!! so so much fun, i can't even explain how much fun it was. i love them. getting food in seminary is so great. my grandfather gave me a 100 dollar bill last night and told me not to spend it all in one place. Megan Palmer hallucinates sometimes. we love her a lot. so Keetch got kicked in the head as an infant. that answers my question. tortilla thursday and chaco chuesday. i went climbing yesterday and got a new harness and shoes. the sun has come and spring is on its way, i got sunburned today! missionary farewells are great. smash burger. my cousins aren't very good at capture the flag but i still love them. Carrie and i like to go on hunts for cute old houses and convertible bugs, huzzah.  it is oxicontin, not oxicoton. i absolutely love this song by the mamas and the papas.

these two are so cool. they should probably hook up in real life. Zooey Deschnel is so so cool. and i love this movie. i might buy it, thanks grandpa.


"Life is meant to be enjoyed, not just endured"-President Gordon B. Hinkley

So i'll roll down my windows even when it's cold and yell HELLO to people on the street. I'll park in the middle of Dobe's culdesac and eat fruit pastries with my best friend. I'll wear my chacos on tuesdays and yell "chaacooo chuuuessday" all day long. When i turn on the blender i'll do the blender dance. I'll write happy lists when i'm not so happy. I'll back into my parking spot every chance i get. I'll pretend i'm a dancer and do skateboarding tricks in the parking lot. I'll stay up late writing in my journal. I'll play flashlight tag with my nephews and make cupcakes. When the sun is out i'll nap in it and make fresh lemonade. I'll tell people i love them everyday and call everyone babe. I'll dream about missionaries and going to the temple. I'll make insane plans for the summer and love every minute it.

Because happiness is a choice.

Spread Joy

So it's thursday.
Which means we made taco's for lunch.
And we wanted to share.
We left a personalized tortilla on an innocent windshield.
aka-they were TORTILLATIZED
Hope it made Yr.day!

(i love how our victum has computer speakers in their car. Whoever drives this is neat.)

Happy Thursday!!

happy tortilla thursday.

hope you didn't get tortillatized.


coca cola.

it's been so nice outside lately. i actually sweat at soccer instead of get frost bite. carrie and i have has some great adventures the last couple days. one to kneaders where we caused a bit of a traffic jam. and the other in the feild behind daylight donuts. good field that one is.

sometimes i wish i were addicted to coke, or even liked coke. it always looks so refreshing in those glasses that look beautiful, yet it tastes horrible. just look at how happy this girl looks with her bottle of coke. jealous.

picture from google images.

oh and happy St. Patrick's Day! i completely forgot it was today so unfortunately i was pinched many many times. why do we celebrate this holiday again?


webcam is fun.

this would be why i'm excited. look at that left over grin.
happy chaco chuesday. i love you.


dobe's gotta new dinger.

our doorbell almost caused my humble abode to burn to the ground.
so we got a new dinger.

went to Smashburger yesterday. reealllyyy gooood. i love their malts. they really do smash the burgers!

target has a record player for $72.99. mom says i can get it for my birthday. once carrie and i are college mates we will be the coolest people rocking out to the beautiful sound of my records playing on my record player.


good times for a change...

no, not good times.
i have a mile long list of homework i need to do.
so that's my weekend.
when did life get so dumb. it's snowing too!!! bah!

five more days. fiiivve more dayyys.

also, Jane Austen is my new hero.


my woman is sick...freaking mike ruins everything.

alls i want right now is to go to my Grandma's humble abode with carrie, pick her up, and then go to my bestie cousin Kelsi Thornock's house and then drive drive drive to Bear Lake and have fun.

i don't care if your Grandmas is cool cause mine is cooler.

once upon a time we went to Bear Lake together and it was a dream come true.

Remember this?


people skills and privileges.

once upon a time carrie and i went to The Fray concert. it was magical. i can't imagine how much more magical Vampire Weekend's concert would be. i am so obssesed holy toledo. i'm just praying that Chaser can get work off so we can go. pray pray pray.


whool my mom says i'm pretty.

Today deserves a Happy List:
Where The Wild Things Are Soundtrack.
Mathew Kyle Martin. (Math). And his collared soccer jersey.
MP. (Megan Palmer). She makes life goood.
The smell of books.
Rolling down the window when I drive.
Waving to kids when I drive.
Marshmellows. The big kind.
How Carrie backed into my driveway today. She's so efficient.
New traditions.
Cody Booth. He has a girly laugh ha.

Huzzah for good days.
(everytime i say huzzah i think of the end of pirates of the carribean when they all shout huzzah!)


Vampire Weekend.

let's introduce my favorite band ever.
Vampire Weekend.
cannot wait to see them in concert.
are they cool? yes.
Ezra Koenig.
enough said.
pictures found on google images and wikipedia.