over here now.



peppermint bark.

christmas candy is good to me.


not mine. grandma's.
but she said she put my name next to it on her will because i play with it everytime i'm over.

i love thanksgiving. we had more of a non-traditional thanksgiving this year. but a lot was the same as always, and it was still fantastic. i really do have so much to be thankful for.

evanston, wyoming.
they've got snow. we don't.

friends thanksgiving episodes.

a while back carrie and i spent some time figuring out what everyone we knew would be if they were part of thanksgiving dinner. who would be the napkin...the stuffing...whatever. so when we feasted yesterday i started picking people to be the different parts of my dinner. like how carrie was the jello salad, because it's my favorite. and the tablecloth was my mom and dad. and the stuffing was umbridge, i hate stuffing. the rolls were jessie. the olives were keith from doxy.
and so on.
a lot of people made it into my thanksgiving dinner this year. yes, probably you. and it just reminded me how awesome people are. and that i am so blessed to know who i know.


the end.


i forgot about this part!

gah! i've got to see it again.


look a likes.

1. Sondre Lerche
2. Tom Felton

i love them both.
{google images}

but i AM the chosen one.

i make deals with myself everyday.
whether it be that i get to pick a candy out of that jar that sits by the door leading out of Doxtek once i've finished three hours of work.

or that i get to watch one episode of a TV show before starting homework, scholarships, etc. but only one.
or some of a soccer game.
or, seeing as i live for movies, if i don't feel like a TV show i'll tell myself i can watch a bit of a good movie.
which usually ends up being something different everytime because i could never pick a favorite movie.

but sometimes candy and films don't cut it.

so i move to rewarding myself with stuff like making up my own yoga moves to help relax for a few minutes. or laying on my floor and listening to one record front and back. only one. always only one. or i'll make something, which usually ends up not looking so good but it's still fun.

finding motivation to do stuff is so hard lately.
but when i have a prize waiting for me, it gets done. usually, i guess.

i've found that my bookmarked blogs list is getting rather long. i'm addicted to reading about lives of people i don't know. people are cool.
i get most my ideas from people i don't know.
because, people are cool.

my grandma asked me if the keys that hang from my ceiling open anything. sometimes i look at them and wonder that.
what do they open?
maybe a chest. maybe a bicycle lock. maybe a vault.
and who used them?
questions questions.

i hung some snowflakes today.
it seemed right considering it snowed. which was brilliant.


the life and lies.

i can't really even write down anything that would come close to how much i loved that movie. i just want to watch it again right now so terribly bad. i don't even understand it myself how i am so attatched to those characters. and oh...oh they were all so perfect. all of them.
maybe someday soon i'll be able to talk about it.
words don't really come yet.

i don't really cry or get emotional about anything, hardly ever. but tears came and i just, i don't know. i can't even write.

the whole time i kept thinking, "i want everything to freeze in that shot so i can stare at it." over and over. every scene. everything.

but it was absolutely perfect.
blew me away.

the end.



HARRY POTTER comes out tonight.
and i've made my wand and i've put my outfit together and i've waited and i've waited.
and it's come.
and i've had a permanent grin on all day.
all week.
and Daniel Radcliffe is so dapper. so attractive.
and i love this day.
but outfits and smiles are not what's been making me want to cry of happiness.
i can't put my love for Harry Potter, for that world, for those people and that story into words.



pink elephants on parade.

my Grooveshark right now, is full of songs i wish i had. Damien Rice. Regina. Pheonix. Ben Folds. The Format. Guster. Sufjan. Chuck songs. Blind Pilot.
Snake-Frightened Rabbit.
this music video reminded me of this scene on Dumbo. it always scared me when i was little.
i still like that song.


the fab four.

"...and above all, pity those who live without love." -dumbledore. that new thrift store on state street is pretty fun. i found some treasures. a life magazine from a while back full of the story of John Lennon and the Beatles, plus pictures galore. my reading for the week. old film camera, i'll buy some film soon. six new records. two of them neil diamond. i listened to harry potter while scanning at doxy, fred died and i cried. i was alone. sunday inspiration: service, gratitude, self-mastery. i made some pompoms to hang in my room. tutorial here. they look nice. anything that'll hang from my ceiling is my favorite. four more days. my mom and sisters are in love with chuck. i can't wait for tomorrow night, two weeks is too long to go without a new episode. that was a really fun weekend. skateboarding circles. you have not seen movement till you've seen Kirk...dance. that is what it was, i'm sure. that was a good game, ya know? it's going to be a good week chums.
happy sundey.



Rapier/Rodent: "so people, let's try and calm down a bit. things are bad enough without inventing stuff as well. for instance, this new idea that You Know Who can kill with a single glance from his eyes. that's a basilisk! listeners. one simple test, check whether the thing that's glaring at you has got legs, if it has...it's safe to look into it's eyes. although, if it really is You Know Who, that's still likely to be the last thing you'll ever do."

River: "and the rumors that he keeps being sighted abroad?"

Rapier/Rodent: "well...who wouldn't want a nice little holiday after all the hard work he's been putting in. point is, people, don't get nulled into a false sense of security, thinking he's out of the country. maybe he is. maybe he isn't. but the fact remains, he can move faster than Severus Snape confronted with shampoo when he wants to."


i am obsessed with the city.
any city.
but i've never been to one, at least not in the heart of one.
other than SLC.

i could see myself living in one someday.
a metropolitan area.
even if only for a short time.

i just want to go.
and take pictures like crazy.
and people watch.
and go into every little shop i see.
and eat in every place there is to eat.
and walk and walk.
just see everything.
i want to go to New York. Chicago. San Francisco. Washington DC. London. Barcelona.

{all photos found on Etsy}


blues. on a wednesday.

blue beautiful bug. that i want.
that blue teapot.
their blueish tub.
i love the blueish tints in these prints.
blue. blue water.
if i could be a marine biologist, i would in a heartbeat.
sea animals are the coolest.
but who knows, maybe i'd dive on in for the first time and absolutely hate it.

i love blue.


i know a guy who knows him.



this sweater looks extremely comfy.
i want to stand in this room.

both found on No Small Dreams.

the end.


your tokugawa smile used to save the night.
but now you're giving up the gun.

popped blood vessels hurt.


on a monday monday monday.

(i feel like i am vandilizing when i write on this blog, but it's still half mine boys)
but this one is for you, jenna dobry.
thank you for changing with me last december.
for driving a kia sephia.
for being the only one who gets it.
and for asking keith how his weekend was.
you are too great.


Harry Potter married Ginny Weasley. They had three children, James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna. He became head of the Auror’s Department under Kingsley Shacklebolt.
Ginny Weasley played quidditch for the Holyhead Harpies. After deciding to raise a family, she retired and became Senior Quidditch correspondent at the Daily Prophet.
Hermione Granger married to Ron Weasely and had two children, Rose and Hugo. Hermione went back to Hogwarts and sat her NEWTS before working for Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and helping house elves. She then moved to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement where she eradicated pro-pureblood laws.
Ron Weasley went to work with George at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes until he became an Auror for the ministry.
George Weasley married Angelina Johnson and turned Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes into a lucritive business. They had two children, Fred and Roxanne.
Bill and Fleur Weasley have three kids, Victoire, Dominique and Louis. Victoire seems to have a romantic interest in Harry’s godson, Teddy. She was named after the victory at Hogwarts, since her birthday shared its anniversary.
Charlie Weasley stayed single and continued working with his dragons.
Percy Weasley married a woman named Audrey. They had two daughters, Molly and Lucy.
Arthur Weasley went on as Head of the Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects.
Albus Dumbledore had fallen in love with Grindelwald at one point when he was younger. He felt he had lost track of his morals while with Grindelwald, so after this he led a celibate and scholarly life.
Dudley Dursley went on to be married and have children. Harry occasionally went to visit with him, but did not maintain a relationship with the other Dursleys.
Rubeus Hagrid continued to work at Hogwarts and would have young Albus Potter to his hut to tea.
Neville Longbottom married Hannah Abbott. He went on to be the Herbolgy professor for Hogwarts.
Hannah Abbott ran the Leaky Cauldron.
Luna Lovegood married Rolf Scamander much later than Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny married. They had twin sons Lorcan and Lysander. She became a famous naturalist.
Firenze was allowed back into the herd.
Dolores Umbridge was arrested, interrogated and imprisoned for crimes against muggleborns.
Rita Skeeter kept writing. When asked about what happened to her, JK Rowling laughed and said she probably wrote a book about Harry after he defeated Voldemort.
Severus Snape ’s portrait was not put in the headmaster’s office at Hogwarts because he resigned before he died. But Harry told everyone of Snape’s innocence.
The Defence Against The Dark Arts job is no longer jinxed. When Voldemort was killed, the jinx lifted and the school can now keep a D.A.D.A teacher for more than a year.
Draco Malfoy married Astoria Greengrass (younger sister of Daphne) and had a son named Scorpius.
Cho Chang married an unnamed muggle.
Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom (Neville’s parents) never got to leave St. Mungo’s. When asked about them, J.K. Rowling said “The damage is done.”
Hogwarts is led by an an entirely new Headmaster (McGonagall was getting a little old).
J.K. Rowling lives wealthy ever after. “I’m dealing with a level of obsession in some of my fans that will not rest until they know the middle names of Harry’s great-great-grandparents,” she said in an interiew. But she also said “I love it. I’m all for that.”

isn't that just the greatest.
i want to hear more.
i found it here. i don't know where she found it.

i love that George named his son Fred.
it's nice to know that Firenze was let back into the herd. heh heh.
i hope someone wrote a big ol long biography of Harry's life and everything he did to defeat Voldemort.
and all that awesome stuff.
Snape should've gotten more credit, i really do like him.

ten days.

"oh cool. a tiny weapons standoff."

my name may not be said much in the United States.
but it's said everyday in Russian speaking countries...
"Good Day! or Dobry Day if you speak Russian. For me, everyday is a Dobry Day because I say that to people everyday. It means that everyday is a good day. I've found a lot of Dobry things on my mission. I've found the Dobry juice and the Dobry house and the Dobry morning and evening. I've also found the Dobry people, the Dobry feelings, and the Dobry Pastor(me), to name a few."
-my brother.

so dobry day everyone.

i love Chuck:
"what are you looking at?"
"not that scar. or that scar. neither one of those scars. or your...mole.
"that is a beauty mark."
"which is what i meant by mole...beauty mark.
you're so stunning i can't even look away."

watch that scene here.
i love it.



i've been thinking a little.
no. actually i've been thinking a lot lately. about life.
it's rather interesting how much people, even strangers, inspire me daily.
everyday i check up on blogs of people i don't even know. people who live far away or not too far away. who have different lifestyles and beliefs.
everyday i see people i know, i talk to them, they lift me up. even if it's just a little.
all these people are inspiring in their own way. but they all have something in common. WE all have something in common. we are all trying to be happy, we are all trying to be us. 
and just by getting that daily dose of inspiration from these people, i find out more about myself each day. things that i didn't know i was capable of. things that make me happy. things that affect me emotionally. things that make me excited for my future.
today i made an equation.

andrew+carissa's love, film, and happiness for life and each other.
rockstardiaries lifestyle, beliefs and fun ideas.
thelittleredhouse's love of family and excitement for life.
abeautifulmess's creativity.
nienie's courage and love of family and the gospel.
bleubird's fashion, colormekatie's humor, todayisaw's daily drawing project, acupofjoy's style and thesnailandthecyclops's simplified home.

my friends.
my family.
the gospel.

= my daily dose.

my daily dose of inspiration.
finding the beauty in simple things.
finding my style.
finding what makes me happy. and who will make me happy.
and reasuring me that that happiness doesn't come from anything that will degrade my mind or my body.

reading about these people's lives everyday is a reminder to me that i can have that. i can have a cute family in a little house that i can decorate. that i can have a husband who cares about me with all his heart, and kiddos that i can teach and love. and don't forget that they can be mine for eternity.

it's weird how much i have changed in the last year-ish. last year at this time, something as ordinary as an old key wouldn't have made me as happy as it does now.

for me, happiness is a video of a couple in love. old things, film cameras or heart doilies and record players. making a blanket fort and sitting in it. seeing pictures of a family who went on a fun vacation. a good scripture or talk. watching my dad wrestle with the dog at the foot of my bed, and my sister's smile when she brings her geography grade up to an A. a good movie. a person with faith. knowing that my mom knows where i am, and that she cares. a red umbrella. a red balloon. friends who care, friends who lift me up. planning out my future home and dreaming of that guy i'll call husband. buying a new CD and hanging the cover on my wall.
so many things! i have so many things to be grateful for, so many things that bring me happiness.
and i am so glad i've found who i am.
that i've found my style.
what to expect. 
what makes me happy.
what makes me, me.

and that carrie has been with me the whole time.
because honestly, what would i be without her.
i decided that my husband will probably be something like having an upgraded carrie. because if he's cut out to be all he is in my head...well, it's just hard to beat a friend like carrie.
someone knew i wouldn't survive without her.


whoa, so many words. but lately i just feel like my mind is running a marathon. or two. i think so much. i think in my sleep.

so i wrote.


wishes on a saturday.

i love love love this.
it would be so much fun to own a little store like her's.
so much fun.
yes, i do believe i want to go.

and i indeed love this print of her's as well.
it would look nice on my wall...


kittens. inspired by kittens.

i don't really love cats.
but i thought this was pretty funny.

click here, yo.

i've started saying yo after stuff. copied from jessie.

"i'm her mom."
"noooo. she's not."



favorite combo.

i love everything about this.
of course it's to beirut music.


sleepless in pleasant grove.

sufjan stevens.
i'm hoping this guy will help me get through this sleepless night.

dance anthem of the 80's.

sometimes i think Carrie is Alexis Bledel, with opposite hair color.
especially when she's Rory.
a little bit the same person.

sister put a bandana on the bully dog.

they say bulldogs are bullies.
this is true.
sometimes Runie head-buts me.
they also say bulldogs are lazy.
very true.


that yellow jacket.

last month, Decades made it onto my top five coolest places i've ever been.

when i went, i found a yellow jacket.
buttons only at the top.

after a little washing and the spraying of good smells. it looks (and smells) lovely.

it hangs in my room. on my closet door. sometimes when i'm doing homework i'll look up and there it is, then i picture it being worn.

it probably makes me happier than it should.

i can't wait to wear it, once it's colder.