Freaking Mike.

We are currently employed at Doxtek(killer technologies). We average scanning anywhere from 1-2 boxes of information a day. Keith, he's our best friend/inspiration. Freaking Mike, he's new, we used to enjoy is sweet odor in the doxtek facility, but he cannot properly remove staples from Wadsworth's precious documents. Marta is kind of beautiful, she is an artist. Jeremey William Hill is our boss/brother. The parking lot is our playground.
Doxtek is our life and our love. Obviously.

maybe if i make a list of what i want to accomplish this week i will do it.

  • go to the temple, which means find out if my recommend is even up to date.
  • finish that biology assignment that was due two months ago.
  • write some letters to people and ship them off in the mail.
  • go climbing.
  • go on a hike.
  • clean the shower. ew.
  • finish that english assignment that was due a month ago. geez.
  • add another map to my collection.
  • continue my search for polaroid film that doesn't cost a buttload of money.
  • go on a bike ride.
  • make a blanket fort. a big one.
  • make up a day of aerobics.
  • find out when everyone's birthday is.
  • make some cupcakes maybe.
  • register for senior year. whaaat?
  • write a letter to a congressman. not for fun. for school of course.
  • make my bed at least once.
  • go climbing again.
  • maybe see alice in wonderland.
  • more hardcore parkour in the parking lot.
  • farr's fresh.
  • make a new friend. that would be nice.
i just looked over my goals i made for myself at the begining of this year and i crossed off like five things! that makes me happy.

i really am starting to love hockey. it is THE COOLEST sport. i love soccer but i will admit that hockey is so much more exciting to watch. too bad the dang canadians took the gold.

too bad money is so scarce these days or i would go to Vampire Weekend's concert on March 18th. i do love their music. i especially like the video for this song. and this is their best song.

March better make way for the two most beautiful girls in the county.

go ahead and laugh. we did.

oh and bye bye February. you weren't loved.


blake's gotta new face!

Momentum Indoor Climbing. so legit. go there.
i love climbing.

hecka awesome.

i found Rosebud Antiques last week, it's been right under my nose in downtown Pleasant Grove, it's great. the cute old lady that owns the place is wonderful. there is a collection of old maps for two dollars each and i loved them so i decided to start a collection of old maps.
and today i bought this one.

this is just the front cover obviously. it's from the 1950's! and i'm so proud that i learned to use our scanner all by myself...


did she just say parkour?

lookie what i found today. La Photocabine. yes it is in french but it's easy to figure out. kinda fun eh?

Aw heck yeah!

Meet Butch.
Beautiful American Derby Coordinator.


it's snowing.

i really wanna go to farrs and five guys. right. now.


We are beautiful in every. single. way.

crying sucks.

i don't ever cry over guys but i cry over homework at least twice a week. basically i'm going to epically fail my math test tomorrow but big whoop. let's see how low of a score i can get. bring it on.

old old picture of the cutest cousin ever. sorry, obviously i can't get enough of her. excuse the nudeness.

oh and check out how ugly we used to be.

good thing we are beautiful now.



so i've developed this habit of locking my dang keys in my car. they just sit there in the ignition taunting me while i'm stuck in the cold air staring at them.

today i locked them in there while i was at doxtek. what an atrocious experience. seriously. it was awful. the feeling of being stuck at doxtek is the worst ever, plus i was alone so even worse. so i cried a little then got help from michael, the big boss besides jeremy. kinda ironic seeing as michael is the name of the manager on the office...

it's a good thing the orem dispatch non-emergency officers are quick to help people who are stranded.

in other words i saw a bird that had red eyes today, he also had green feathers on his neck. he didn't fly away when i snapped at him, he just looked at me with his red eyes. so i think he was a spy. it's the only explanation.

this is my friend robyn. she's cool.

I'm proud to call you my grandparents.

Is this not the greatest picture you've ever seen?

They're getting married!!!!

Best wishes Megan and Keetch. I love you.

so what the heck?

My head feels like it's going to pop due to the extra amount of snot that has taken over. Nasal rinse time. I have the flu, and it's BAD. I'm sorry I have neglected you lately blog. But i do indeed love you. I truely do.

Goals for this week:
Get Pumped
Go climbing and take sick pics
Practice my violin like a mad woman
Sing in the rain
Find a swing set to make my own
Buy polariod film
Read my scriptures every. day.
Go to the temple on wednesday afternoon

Have fun.


he is gay!

why! why! why!!!


i got new sunglasses today.

so i've heard taking in a lot of vitamin D will help with seasonal depression, it's a good thing i love milk. i wonder if it's true. cause my annual seasonal depression is definitely kicking in lately. stupid long winters and ugly Pleasant Grove. can't wait for summer!

uh what is up with the stupid snow flurries the past two days?! it's not ok when the sun is shining and it's snowing at the same time.

i can't wait for my bulldog.

my forearms are going to be huge cause i'm taking up rock climbing.

i got some yellow sweats today too.

i have names picked out for my future kids.

is elton john really gay? i hope not.

i went to her house today and found her downstairs wearing a crown, jewels and the cutest little princess dress. i love her.

Swimming Team.

As much as I complained about swimming. I'm so glad I did it. You will be missed.


red balloon.

the other day we had some red balloons.