here we go.

venue: pioneer park
date & time: july 22nd, 7pm
cost: free
band: BEIRUT (ahhhohman. my favorite.)

venue: pioneer park
date & time: august 26th, 7pm
cost: free
band: SHE & HIM (heck yeah!)

venue: pioneer park
date & time: august 12th, 7pm
cost: free
band: Matisyahu

venue: in the venue
date & time: september 2nd, 7:30pm
cost: $28.50 

venue: in the venue
date & time: september 28th, 8pm
cost: $25
band: Band of Horses

venue: usana
date & time: july 30th, 7pm
cost: $29.75-lawn
band: Tim McGraw & Lady Antebellum

venue: usana
date & time: august 13th, 7pm
cost: $35-lawn
band: Jack Johnson

so far, i am for sure going to Beirut, prolly Tim McGraw, Jack Johnson, guys?, She & Him, i really would love to go to Vampire Weekend again. and i am probably going to Modest Mouse too next week, most likely.

today i found out that my neighboor also went to Vampire Weekend, and he's the one who told me that Beirut is coming. i love him for that. so, therefore, we are going. it's nice to know i have a similar music lover friend so close by.

out of my mind EXCITED.

Holiday in the Sun.

when i was young i was really, really into Mary-Kate and Ashley movies.
my favorite: Holiday in the Sun.
while i was browsing for a movie to watch on Netflix, i found it, and i watched it.
it's probably one of the worst movies made, bad acting, music, transitions, dialogue, etc.
it starts off with the twins getting mad at their parents for taking them to The Bahamas instead of Hawaii. who does that? 
and at that party they go to, Play is singing that popular song that we all loved.
best of all, Megan Fox is in it at her prime. not really. still as hideous as ever. and in this one she's got something weird going on with her voice, stop trying so hard honey. i wanted to wipe that lip gloss off her lips so bad.
Jordan: "has anyone ever told you that you're incredible?"
twin 1: "not today." (wow)
Jordan: "has anyone ever told you that..i'm going to kiss you?" (smooth one)
every guy is wearing a necklace, i'm so glad that fashion is gone.
and i wonder why the Bahamas is full of Americans...
i do like how the movie starts out with Island in the Sun by Weezer though.
so i still love it i suppose.
favorite Disney Channel Original Movies from adolesence age:
Rip Girls.
Smart House.
Model Behavior.
Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire.
The Other Me.
Kim Possible Movie.
Even Stevens Movie. (Even Stevens was the best ever.)



life is not good lately, so here's a happy list.

black and white movies.
finding old pictures.
"farrwhell Aroogog."
the end of The Proposal when Ryan Reynolds kisses Sandra Bullock, and his whole "i love you" speach beforehand. the way he grabs her face and kisses her, it's cute.
swing sets.
smiley babies.
"mom, where my wim wuit?"
Heath Ledger's smile.
Audrey Hepburn classics.
when little kids think the seagulls at the pool are eagles. "look at the eagle!"
the color red.
the fact that i'll actually be doing something Thursday night, for fun.
my baby cousin, Tyson.
and memories of the summers spent exploring Grandma's mountain, pounding away with a hammer in the playhouse, and "Crystal Rock".


Accio November 19.

go watch trailer 1 or trailer 2.
out of my mind excited.
who's coming with me?

Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson.

i love this song.
Pete Yorn is attractive, i like their music.
doesn't her voice sound like Zooey Deschanel's?


"i thought your name was Karen"

why is it that once the World Cup starts, everyone is all a sudden interested in soccer?

i don't know. alls i know is that Lionel Messi is amazing, his goal today was prolly the best goal i've seen so far. Argentina vs. Germany, i really don't know who's going to come out of that one, tough match. too bad US lost, that was unlucky. and England...i am ashamed.

last weekend was Youth Conference at Utah State with the good old Pleasant Grove Stake.
we had fun, obviously.
someday i'll become a true aggie on that A.
i'm in love with Logan.
i learned i really am excited for high school soccer this year, seeing as Jo, Lydia, Kit and i basically juggled a soccer ball for two days straight. we got dang good.
everyone wanted to be us. pretty sure we had up to twelve people come play SLUT with us at one point. pure american fun."easy Kendall"
i got to watch Tay n' Val be in love for hours. cute cute cute.
we heard some great messages that gave me a lot to think about.
Seth Mellot drank a whole Full Throttle. got a little twitchy. and we congratulated him for his "rocket knee".
the fire alarm went off at five in the morning, that was fun. good thing i decided to sit down right as they said we could go back in the building so i get trampled by sleep deprived girls resulting in my glasses being knocked off and almost squished. miracle they are in one piece.
and best of all, i haven't been to the PG Pool in four days.
" Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don't come until heaven; but
for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come."-Elder Jeffry R. Holland


good news.

i found out today that when i'm in the sun for a long time i break out into hives all over my body.
how convenient, since i am a lifeguard and all.



i had a dream about michalla last night and i though i should tell you about her.
my first memory of this girl is on the bus in junior high. we never talked but i remember she sat infront of me and katelyn and she always had HUGE hair.
then she joined swim team and changed everything. she was the only other girl that would cry at swim meets and stuff with me. she was the only girl in our lane that could actually do breast stroke. when joanne left us, she cried the hardest, and that made me cry. she would always pull our swim suit straps to relieve the pain. she is the only girl the looks good with wet hair and no make up. she is a heart breaker and she always ALWAYS had a story for me. she forced me to go to night practice with her and on the way home the windows would fog up and she would stick her head out the window and tell me where i was going. she is a neil diamond convert because of me. she always let me use her shampoo. she always tells me that she was never creepy or wierd before she met me, that makes me proud. oh, and she has one of the strongest testimonies i have ever heard. she was always reminding me to read my scriptures or if i was freaking out about something she would tell me to say a prayer.

so basically i love this girl and you should too.


the empty C.

when my brother left to the MTC, my eight-year old cousin sent him a letter asking him how the "empty C"'s food is.
little kiddos are so cute sometimes.

Chase is off to the MTC today, he'll be a great missionary.
i'm gonna miss him, we've had some good times!
like when we hiked the G and did parkour the whole way down.
yeah :)
at his farewell i wondered what it would look like if i took a picture through a plastic orange cup. result:
neat eh?
and this is a napkin holder with an outline of Germany.
seeing as Chase is going to Germany.

see you in two Elder Carlson!

in loff.

when we wash our cars, we do it the right way.
we are skilled enough to fit three cars in Coach's driveway.
notice Coach is wearing her BF shirt. FOOTBALL.
yes, it's a joke.
squeaky clean.
then it was loff.
and we spooned in the driveway.



Strawberry Day's Rodeo is just one of those things you have to attend.
"we're goin to the wrodeeeoo."
lucky me got to go twice for free. score.
so many skanks.
PG's rodeo is another sorry excuse to wear nothing.
Amanda Payne, part of the One Man Bandits & Comp., entertained us with some 'wild' buffalo. whooo.
Buck Wear met The Stampede.
we went with some cuties.
lots of loff was shared.
and good ol' Matt and Curtis cut mohawks in their hair for the occasion.

454: Save Our Soles.

mumsicles ran in the Ragnar, Wasatch Back last weekend.
info: the Ragnar is 188 miles total, this one was from Logan to Park City in two days. teams of twelve, two vans, three leagues each person. one person averages about one hour of sleep. lots of fun, one hard accomplishment.
mom's so cool.
she ran some of the hardest leagues.
ten mile run at 2 AM, what?
mom ran up that road you see above, three miles straight up!
 we were proud.
dad and i looked good in our volunteer vests.
i got bored.

i want to run the Ragnar please.



i hope my life never gets to the point where i feel like i should sell foam swords, patriot hats, over-prices water and soda, or anything in a radio flyer wagon in a parade. Never.

diplomat's son.

Vampire Weekend.
Ezra looked good and people put their hands in the air.
the camera turned us into ghosts.
good music. and the time of our lives.



this is my Dad.
he likes to sleep.
he likes to hike, climb and canyoneer.
many good memories with this man.
he reads like a maniac.
he'll have a two hour conversation with a complete stranger, easy.
he's got good humor.
he has a passion for soccer, chicken wings and movies like i.
he is the definition of hard-working.
i love him dearly.
happy Father's Day, yesterday.


corruption. everywhere.

Spongebob Squarepants.
it's corruption.
it tells kids that it's fun to go to work, and that employee of the month is the best thing ever.
it's not.
people just need to learn to have fun, stop working!
it's bad for you. 
i hate jobs.

40 day dream.

concerts are bomb.
honestly, some of my greatest memories.
Giving up the Gun, can't listen to that song without getting chills anymore. best ever.

been to: Rockapella. Secondhand Serenade/Ferras. The Fray/Jack's Mannequin. Mason Jennings. Vampire Weekend/The Blow. Muse.
plan to go to: Tim McGraw. She & Him. Jack Johnson.



USA vs. Slovenia.

did anyone else notice that vampire of a defender on Slovenia's team?


yes yes yes

they are playing Boy Meets World on ABC family again.
i have never been so excited.


the abduction. the abduction is happening. yes. trust your heart. and just party like a rockstar. kelsey got tranqu'ed.

go watch this.
and this.
you'll laugh.

i don't know this Heather girl, Melbs does. i think she's pretty cool. and these videos are hilarious. and very well done, not that i know anything about video editing.

get abducted.

Portobello Road.

 i'll go to Portobello Road.
the world's largest antiques market in London, England.


i was inspired today.

these two people inspire me.
i learn so much from my brother's emails, it's amazing how much his mission has changed him for the good.
and Great Grandma, she is amazing. i wish everyone could meet her and hear her stories and her testimony. it's incredible.

"I saw the rooms where families from fifteen countries will be able to be sealed together for eternity. Forever. Is that not something to be worthy for? Is that not something to work for, to suffer for, to die for? Well, our Savior did die for it, for you and me, and He just asks us to follow Him, to leave the world behind. Trust me, it's really not all that great. Think about it, nothing that our church espouses or the gospel teaches is of the world, it all comes from our heavenly home. It is to that place that we want to go, and no where else. What other place is better? There's no place like home, and home is where the heart is, so darn it, I'm going to try and get all of my heart to where Heavenly Father is. Jenna, it's all real. There's nothing fanciful about it. Just as I know you live, Christ lives. He knows us, and He can lift us, higher than we can ever imagine. We just have to let go of the world, and take His hand. May you do that, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."
-my brother.

added that to my happy list for today.

pretty darn amazing. missions are great and the church is great. i don't think i could aim for marrying anyone that didn't serve a mission. i know i couldn't. they grow so much, my testimony has grown just from my brother serving a mission.

i know some people.

Carrie: she doesn't like her skin, but honestly i think she's got the prettiest color of skin. fair skin is in babe. i'd take it in a heartbeat.

Matt Hock: i don't think he ever frowns or gets angry. prolly one of the funniest guys i know, what would the pool be like without him? it'd be a dirthole that's what.

Verdon Walker: has a girlfriend, they're in love. but it's just whate'er. i could recognize his neck anywhere. he has an oddly large belly button too. "oh, almost forgot my bathroom check."

Lisa Young: most hard-working woman in the county. no, in America.

Mallory Straus: i like her style, the way she talks and her blog. i want to be her when i grow up.

Jessie: her obsession with movies, i think it's cool.

William Shakespeare: i don't know him personally. but i think we've connected through The Comedy of Errors.

Mom: she's running in the Ragnar this weekend. so hot right now.

Keetch: his obsession with music...reminds me of me.

The Dorius's: i like that family.



i've fallen in love with the band Beirut.
e'ryday i listen.
the music has a french twist in it.
and he plays the trumpet and all.
so i like Beirut.

momma always had a way of explainin things so i could understand em.

so after my wedding post i kept finding the coolest engagement pictures.
i feel the need to share.

yep, so pretty much i wanna be all these lucky dogs.
the blanket fort one is my favorite.
i can't stop lookin at them all.