have a cupcake.

everyone seems to be in a miserable mood lately, including myself.
so. go get a cupcake and make a happy list. it will help i promise.



i get punched in the stomach.

i listen to Miley Cyrus. all the way home from Layton.

i see Jessie in the hall and it's super awkward. i really like it. and her.

i almost wish i could live in Wyoming just so i can be with my Great Grandma more often. Gagi.

Mr. Giles smiles at me.

i wonder who would come to my funeral if i died right now.

i feel like life couldn't get any worse but then i remember of course it can and i sing Let It Be by The Beatles and i feel better.

my team dominates at soccer and i cry cause it's fun.

i have wierd dreams. like when Ori Michelson puts a gun to my head. or when there was a Mormon Holocaust.

i eat cucumbers like you would never believe.

i wish i could be more creative like Color Me Katie.

running away sounds like a fun adventure.

just sometimes.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

i like him.


tender mercies.

was. not. expecting. this.

what the.
who makes these wierd videos?


i wish i had pretty red hair.

i'm really liking these songs lately.
and here.
and this guy of course.

one of the nicest girls in the county...

 she's a babe too.


dead bird.

today i was waiting to get out of the drag and i see this really fat bird sitting in the middle of the road and then i look and there is this huge dump truck haulin butt up 200 south and i am sitting there screaming at the bird to fly away and it doesn't and then the dump truck with its huge wheels squishes the bird and i heard the pop inside my car with my music on and i saw the squirt and the bird was gone it was gone just like that and then i compose myself and i pull out of the drag and of course i hit the curb cause i do that at least once a day and i was in shock the whole way home and i was just mad cause i told the bird to fly away but now it's gone.

on a scale of one to ten how hot is that orchestra?

awkward things happen to me every single day.

when i'm at four way stops i'm that person that acts like they are going to go...then they don't...then they go...
i go to company meetings in aerobics clothes.
when i make right turns i usually hit the curb.
my toilet decides not to flush sometimes.
i catch myself with a leftover grin on my face when i'm alone.

life is just awkward.
awkward quotes from today:
"it's a miracle i even have friends"
"he is a lover and a fighter"
"hey, we should kiss"
"imagine Saul as an old man"
"chamber is hot"
orchestra is like an awkward bad dream.


there's a daffodil in my room now, fresh from carrie's garden.

the weather is great.
the cherry blossoms are beautiful.
sometimes Carrie calls me to go running which is always a surprise.
apparently Keetch played Samson by Regina on KPGR today.
good job Keetch.
Carrie and i seem to become even stupider every day.
just look at us.


sometimes jenna sings me to sleep.

and sometimes i make a hyena noise when i laugh.
sometimes me and and spencer play dungeons and dragons.
and sometimes i listen to the shins and stalk return missionaries in my ward.
every once in a while i cry when i'm mad and wish they still played Even Stevens on disney.
but only sometimes.

one time i was at the Mac store with some people and i saw a snow leopard on the screen of a laptop and then i remembered snow leopard is a computer operating system and then i remembered Brock Duclos.

one of my favorite things in the summer is buying lemonade or cookies or slushies from the little children selling them on the corners. they get all happy that they got a whole 75 cents. and even though once you turn the next corner you poor out your lemonade because the little kid's finger germs are crawling in it, it is totally worth the 75 cents. carrie and i decided to start a project this next summer where we will buy lemonade from as many kids possible, and maybe sneek in a few pictures. we maybe call our project the Invisible Children project. maybe.

annnd. anybody else extremely excited for Iron Man 2 to come out in May?
Robert Downey Jr. is definitely a favorite.
also looking forward to this movie. Amanda Seyfried is another favorite. and the guy in this movie is how i picture Peeta to look in The Hunger Games book.


can't think of a title.

new love is Ben Kweller.
i'm really frustrated at the moment.
wish i could go here.
and i want to watch this more than ever.


sometimes we play webcam.

i'm going to have a bike like this some day.
i will also have a record player some day. this one is from Target.


this picture made my day.

I love every part of this.
Craig...just look at him.
Jameson looks like a wolf.
You can see my stallion tatoo.
Mandi is wearing her shorts she pulls up real far.
and Curtis is wearing his fathers robe.

i miss swim team.


all day today i have been dreaming of the pool. and that feeling your skin has after you have been in the sun all day.
that's all.


sometimes i wish unicorns were real.

i downed eight chicken wings from Wingers before my sister could eat two.
when Hogwarts sends me a letter saying i'm supposed to be at their school my life will be complete.
i want to meet Spencer from iCarly pretty bad.
i can now play Raindrops by Regina Spektor on the piano.
muse. was. great.
"wow look at that sports car!"-my mom, "it's dang ugly."-me.
i like this car.
anyone know if Kirk is still alive?
my love of Julian Smith never ceases.
Back to the Futttuuuurrrre. i like those movies.
was the ACT in english?
bike rides are exhilerating. make sure your tire doesn't have a hole and that your pedal doesn't need tightening when you do that.
3 down 2 to go. tear.
Runie thinks she is a baby.
i can't even remember spring break, the ACT wiped my memory.
my Gagi called from Disneyland.
did i mention i'm going to prom with this guy? we. will. have. fun.
i would say spring break was about a half a cheek of a buttload good. excuse the language.

The good things.

So maybe this spring break was a little bit of a bummer. But wait, some pretty excellent things did happen.
Like when we went to the temple.
Or when i cried during "The Last Song"
Like when this beautiful boy was born. Cooper Hill is the newest addition to our family. Easily the most adorable thing that has ever happened.
Or the fact that I have had 4 mango tango smoothies this week.
Oh, and we walked on a closed sidewalk. Gave us a thrill.
and Sid might have convinced us to go tanning....Beaches made me do it.
Watched back to the future three times and came up with the name Biff for Jamo's jeep.

When i got the ACT over with. That was a beautiful moment.
As well as the time when megan lifted her middle finger at some twelve year olds at the mall. I had a good time NOT writing my 5 page history paper.
Cupcake runs with old friends are nice. Dipidee has really good red velvet ones.

Getting asked to prom with some red balloons was rather cute. And getting my patriarchal blessing was so amazing too.

So...I guess spring break wasn't all that bad. Mabye a C+.


some stuff.

i used to love ice cream more than anything, but not anymore. frozen yogurt is where it is at, it's a completely different world...

Father, sister and i went to see Muse on monday. they are crazy.
it was fun, and there really were lots and lots of green flashing lights. and my ears hurt for a whole day after it.



the list has been made. let spring break begin.

anyone wanna come to our LDS festival of colors?

did anyone else hear that wretched nasal noise during conference? we did.

car and jen are together right now at dobe's abode.
we're makin a list.
jdob can't breathe.

Happy Easter.

i really really enjoy General Conference.
and i also enjoy Alice in Wonderland, i want to see it again. i love her dresses throughout the movie. and the blue gloves she wears. my favorite dress is the one the mad hatter cuts out for her, i couldn't find a picture.


...on the bright side.

i love Runie. i love playing games at the Young house, (too bad all those guys leave on their missions withing the next couple months). i love playing soccer. i love listening to She & Him and Regina Spektor. i love dreaming of flying kites while i should be listening to my professor. i love that tomorrow is the last day of school (high school at least, dang college classes) till spring break. i loved my little sisters sixth grade play of Annie. i love when i see a crunchy looking leaf on the ground and i go out of my way to step on it just to hear the crunch. i love this.
someday i'll have a polaroid wall of my own.

here's some shocking news...Carrie and i stayed at school today for lunch. neat.
by the way, we are in love.
oh and Happy April!