songs about Lucy.

derivatives are fun.
isn't that fun.
it's like a dream within a dream within a dream.

i've been singing this song all day so i figured i better draw a picture.
on a miniature paper bag.
there's something about writing your life away on a paper bag.
try it.
and i am now in love with Jeremy Messersmith.
i love his big glasses.
this song was on Chuck.
of course it was.



tis our MP's big eighteen today.
lovely, lovely girl.
beautiful.blonde.lean.soccer playin.babe.

what would we do without our Megan? we don't know.

she brings us to her house for lunch. she laughs with us. she is so attractive. she is amazingly amazing at soccer. she hangs out with us. she drives a red bug that she paid for mostly, so cool. she is a happy child. she watches movies with us. she is our friend. she was born ten days after Carrie. she has always been a light in our lives. she used to play for Orange Crush with me, she was the best. she makes funny faces and we laugh. she understands us. she is dating the Keetch. she also doesn't believe in PDA. she wears beautiful clothes. she is so chill. she is so tight. she is smart and kind and loving. she goes to Special Ed Mutual, at least she used to and i always thought it was cool of her. she is a very, very fast sprinter. if she were an animal she would be a squirrel. her inner animal is a squirrel. she also has very white teeth. she has more colors of nail polish than walmart ever knew, this is not a joke. she is beautiful. she is cute. she makes great sammiches. she thinks we're funny when everyone else thinks we're weird, a good feature. skateboard. her heart is large.

and so much more.
and we love her.
thank you for being alive Mag Palm.
Happy Birthday!


why is it still so hot outside.


good thing i have an unhealthy obsession with movies and music.

Chuck is so dapper.
remember when him and Casey listened to Love on the Rocks.
and Sarah, i want to be her.
see yah tonight.

so have you seen the movie Chocolat.
one of my favorites.
it's a great feel good film.
Johnny Depp is a favorite, and i really like Juliette Binoche.
she plays a really good motherly character both in this and Dan In Real Life.
she is really beautiful also.

defeation of the dragon.

you know on The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, that kid that plays Dungeons and Dragons forevers?
well we defeated the dragon Saturrrrday.

first off we were super excited to be in the place of all places for our Megan's birthday surprise.
nickel city.
then the dragon slaying began.
and we did it, before we even ran out of nickels.
so epic.
we have the greatest friends.
Mckay and Megan were there i promise. just didn't get the opportunity to snap a pic of them.

"why am i not a wizard anymore."
"there's meat over here, who needs meat?"
"open the chest, who has the key."
"i am taking on all these scorpions single handedly."
"use your magic!"
"time traveling demon."
"kill the demon."
"follow me guys."
"i am now officially your coach, i appoint jenna captian."
"look at all that gold."
"i'm huge."
"carrie you're massive."
"look what i got. crossbow."


a little black and white beatle loving.

Magical Mystery Tour, The Beatles.
I'm Goin' Down, Bruce Springsteen.
Happiness Is A Warm Gun, The Beatles.
All My Loving, Across The Universe Soundtrack.
In Other Words, Ben Kweller.
Carolina In My Mind, James Taylor.
Holly Holy, Neil Diamond.
Colors, Amos Lee with Norah Jones.
Maxwell's Silver Hammer, The Beatles.
Over It Over Again, She & Him.
Home, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.
Paint A Vulgar Picture, The Smiths.
Get Happy, Judy Garland.
Under My Bed, Meiko.

happy happy happy.

C. Smith shot me a text the other day:
"when i'm rollin in forward motion i think about only you."
name that song.

well i took the "Which Harry Potter Character Are You?" on the hated facebook.
i'm harry.
i love harry.

we beat the dragon.


which is why i have keys hanging from my ceiling.

i like when i see stuff like this.

ps. check this hottie out.
too cute.


when we found male models.

Megan's fan club.

i laughed a lot that day.

today is an umbrella day.


sneak peak.


harry potter. the boy who lived.

come to die.

i stole a lot of pictures today.
from here.
because obviously i couldn't pick a favorite.
"why do you live?"
"because i have something worth living for."

and to top it off, season four of Agent Bartowski starts tonight.
Chuck and Sarah.
Awesome and Ellie.
John Casey plus daughter.
ridiculously awesome spies.


taken in a photobooth.

and a happy birthday to Carrie.

and i love her.

"They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you."

i consider this day on my top five list. definitely.
it's the love of my life's birthdate.
literally, the love of my life.
big 18.
our love story:
i firmly believe that in the pre-existence we were in love like we are now. it only makes sense. so, 18 years plus 10 days ago i said goodbye to Carrie. as i made my journey to earth. 10 days later Carrie made her way to earth as well.
US History, Mr. Spence came along. Carrie sat slightly left of me, i was always late and sleeping and getting yelled at by the teacher that looked like E.T. Carrie was quiet and adorable, as always. one day she told me she liked my shoes, therefore i knew she was a kindred spirit.
we started talking and got aquainted. next thing we know we're in P.E. last period together making up handshakes and singing Secondhand Serenade. i can't even count how many inside jokes were created in that class. "Look, it's a family reunion."
and then it was love.
and has been ever since.
if anyone ever asked me how to survive high school, or life in general, i would tell them to find themselves a Carrie Smith.
because obviously i would not be who i am if i didn't have a Carrie Smith in my life.

and i love her:
dance skills, you've never seen dance till you've watched her do it.
first thing she does when she walks through the door is wash her hands, cleanliness-she's got it.
beautiful shiny blonde hair.
body of a babe.
a laugh like a heyena, it's contagious.
same obsessions as i. we've basically morphed into each other.
on the verge of having no social life like me, it's the way to go.
she's got whiter teeth than Santa Clause.
she's learning how to take care of teeth, fascinating.
reminds me so much of Rory Gilmore you should be jealous.
in her room she has a chalk board which is cooler than cool.
she sings me to sleep. and serenades me during lunch.
she's going to have the coolest house when she's older, and the coolest family.
she can make any picture look good, literally.
she wears classy outfits every day.
those blue eyes of her's are full of the gospel, they sparkle.
one time she took me to a church and played her violin for me in the chapel, it was beautiful. she is amazing at the violin.
her personality is beautiful.
she can make any outfit look good.
she always has a way of making any awkward situation less awkward. i don't know how, but she does.
she takes pictures on an old camera.
she is always making sure people feel involved and not left out.
she lets me borrow her chap, and eat her food, and spontaniously sleepover.
she is kinder than kind.
her back is strange, so she goes to the chiropractor a lot, i still love her.
her music taste is fantastic. she introduced me to Neil. and she almost always has either him or James Taylor playing in her car.
she'll drive around in circles in parking lots with me.
she can skateboard.
she's my dermatologist.
she's smarter than me.
she can swim.
we can read each other's minds.
when we walk down the halls we sing to each other. she'll sing two part primary songs with me.
she's really good at singing the higher parts.
she doesn't believe in PDA.
she has the coolest names picked out for her lucky, lucky kiddos.
she'll make weird noises with me.
she is the best friend i could ever ask for.
i give her quatrillion A+'s.
on a scale of 1-10. she's getting a big 10.

and i love her.
happy birthday C Smith!


around 5:00.

old houses are a lost art.

behold the red beauty.


it's a smashed burger.

late birthday dinner at the SMASHBURGER.
the burgers are truly smashed.
therefore the stomach is satisfied.

and whoever decided to snip my dobe's birthday balloons off her car before she even got to see them.
you probably have no friends.