if a boggart were to pop out of your closet what would it shift into?

for me: probably like what happened to Mrs. Weasley, it would just keep changing into all my friends and family laying there dead. murdered.
or a little child who has drowned and is bloated and blue.
or a really horrible car accident scene, car accidents are my worst nightmare. that and being kidnapped by creeps.
centipedes are scary too.
speaking of scary stuff. sometimes my friends decide to give me a heart attack by snatching my keys and sneaking into my car. waiting for me to get inside, when it's dark outside, and giving me the biggest fright of my life.
thanks dobes.

and. i love these photos stolen from Megan.
taken on our lovely trip to the big city.
look at that supersized Sorcerer's Stone. magic.
light bulb art. brilliant.


and i listened to these today.

 Janglin: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.
Microphone: Coconut Records.
Sky Blue Sky: Wilco.
She's a Rich Girl: Hall & Oats.
Free as a Bird: The Beatles.
Boogie Shoes: KC & The Sunshine Band.
No Ones Gonna Love You: Band of Horses.

i love reading the biography of my favorite bands, some of them have pretty interesting backgrounds. like how Zack Condon from Beirut dropped out of school at 16, traveled to Europe drunk, and hung around some gypsies who helped him fall in love with the kind of music he makes now.
and i have a thing for dapper band pictures. ps i'm dead sure that cool band pictures were incepted from The Beatles. it only makes sense. good music evolved from those four beautiful men.

pictures compliments of Last.fm
it's a dream.

it deserves a post of it's own.


i have to say, i went into this movie having no clue what it was about. i watched the trailer long ago and remember adding it to the list of movies i would definitely need to see.
alls i know is it was brilliant.
you know you've just seen a good movie when you can't remember what trailers were played at the begining.

that zero gravity scene with Joseph Gordon-Levitt was fantastic.
i couldn't even breathe it was so intense.
the whole thing was incredibly intense.
i just can't even describe how amazing it was and how much i loved it.
and Joseph, Joseph is perfect.
"give me a kiss."
when he took off his jacket to get to work it reminded me of Tony Sparks when he starts creating. dream come true.
definitely worth paying to see it again.
i loved everyone in it. so good.


and a happy anniversary to these two lovelies.

i couldn't have asked for cooler parents.
happy 22th.

Octopus's Garden.

you know who has a fantastic garden?
Jameson Ricks has a fantastic garden.

it's big.
rows of crops.
word. dito. love.

someday when i am old i'm going to have a big garden, with rows of crops and flowers and a little fence that surrounds it with a red gate.

Utah Bride Blog. these pictures kill me, they are just so in love.
too cute.


you know what's magic?

being big girls and taking a trip to salt lake with your dobes.
urban outfitters 2 for 20 shoes.
NOT working at that pool.
the beehive tea room's scones.
missing people.
on a scale of wrestler to runner what kind of body do i have?
playing football with my dobe.
silences that aren't awkward.
my dad using the phrase "got all kissy face"
it's magic i tell you.

i bought a muffin. but i think they gave me a small planet.

"it's sweet.
what's sweet...how is that sweet?
to be that certain, to feel so much love.
love is not a feeling. it's an ability.
well if that's true...you have one gifted daughter."


"this corn is like an angel."

"Instead of telling our young people to plan ahead, we should tell them to plan to be surprised."

in my opinion, one of the most clever movies ever made.
this is because...it is so realistic.


clean white love.

why are polaroids so cool.
*they are old looking. who cares about good quality.
*you can write at the bottom.
*they come instantly. instant pleasure.

i bought some film.
it's called Silver Shade polaroid film.
pretty much it makes the polaroid look sepia.


"i'll join you when hell freezes over." -Neville Longbottom.

the best part about a book is you can read it once and love it.
then read it a second time and love it even more.

November 19th is coming. i'm really starting to wonder where they split part one and part two of The Deathly Hallows.
maybe after Malfoy's Manor?
that's my guess, the book does a whole flip-round there.
i don't know, i am just hoping this movie is going to be all it's hyped up for. no doubt it could ever beat the book, but let's hope it follows the story line decently. i hate when the story gets messed up.
like the whole burning down of The Burrow, unnecessary.
the book is so epic.
if you read the last few chapters over twice so you don't miss the little details, it all comes together in one big epic scene that will cause you to think about it for hours once you've finished. obviously. 

my mind has been in the world of Harry Potter for a good week.
i dream in the Harry Potter language.


In the Arms of the Gypsy.

i think i'll be a bit of a copycat.
a list of bothersomeness:
{inspirational quotes, before soccer games. not a huge hater, they just rarely motivate me. honestly, it's not going to make me play better.
{having to cite stoof. i hate it
{un-original facebook album names. "just me" "summer 2010" "prom 10' :)" "junior year" "my pictures" "photography" let's get creative maybe?
{i hate catching people doing embarrassing stoof. happens a lot at the pool. the pool is the devil obviously. i feel bad that i saw them. it's okay, we're all dobers.
{mainstream music. cept this song was playing at a party i guarded, i might have danced in my chair. maybe.
{mean mums and dads.
{goodbyes. they are awkward and occasionaly sad.
{video games. though Rock Band with my dobe is a laugh.
{remakes of beatles songs. just listen to the original, it's a bombillion times better. i promise.
{to instead of too.
{ugly, skanky, "what are you thinking" bikinis. if you're gonna wear a bikini, at least buy one that is decently less skanky.
{driving at night. headlights are blinding and the dark is eery.
{those french children that haunt me. 
{dry cucumbers.

a list of grand things that most likely include a few good feelings afterwords:
{letters in ze mailbox with my name on it.
{page 533 of the 6th book. aww. finally.
{driving down the highway with my family, singing Cracklin Rosie in loud volumes.
{office supplies. the gorgeous office supplies closet in the back of doxy. i love me some brand spankin new office supplies. it's a beautiful thing.
{longboarding. zig-zaggin between the lines. one day Jamers, one day.
{Megan Palmer. where is my Megan Palmer.
{that dream i had about Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
{Hall & Oats.
{"put em in the wash, they'll be grand."
{The Roon.
{pictures. i love pictures. i love the history found in pictures. like the story behind this picture of dadders.
{also, i think i'm turning into some kind of a hopeless romantic or something. every cute part of a romance movie or book is usually watched or read five or so times. i guess i just love, love.
but it's okay, i still like manly stuff, like monster trucks.
and football.



hope floats.

"Childhood is what you spend the rest of your life trying to overcome.That's what momma always says. She says that begginings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it's the middle that counts the most. Try to remember that when you find yourself at a new beginning. Just give hope a chance to float up. And it will..."

I don't care how sad it is. I love that movie.


sitting in an english garden.

this made me laugh.
i do believe i'll start doing this.

writing on a Wednesday.

{1} girl with pretty yellow shoes.
{2} pretty blue restaurant with the blue fence that the girl with yellow shoes was painting.
{3} pretty pink scooter.
{4} pretty lace curtains.
{5} pretty gezebo.
{6} pretty big tongue.
{7} pretty hikes to pretty big views.

pretty great weekend camping in Creede, Colorado.
my Dobry Grandparents have three rat dogs, they are not pretty.
i got a pretty dress.
every home in Lake City, Colorado is a dream come true. like so.
i read the Half Blood Prince in one day. huzzah for Harry Potter.
pretty dapper song right here.

oh. and i met a real mountain man and his mountain woman wife.
they are in love.
"sapphire, turquoise and graphite. what a great combination."


these two.

these two need to come home.
because apparently my life sucks without you
no really, come home.


loyal to the Chaco

check this out all you Chaco wearing fools.
Carrie has got the stamp.


"if your house were on fire and you had 60 seconds what would you grab?" {anything living excluded.}

good question.
from my room, i would probably grad my laptop because it has all my pictures, and my journals.


i am he, as you are he, as you are me, and we are all together.

my Great Grandpa Thornock.
i love him, i miss him.
weird that i can remember this day.
i wish more than anything to have been alive when his farm was in the works.
oh the beautiful memories of Randolph, Utah and Evanston, Wyoming.
hence the reason i was so sure i'd grow up a cowgirl.

{that's my brother and i on the horse. good thing i look like a little boy...}

i love me a good chalking.

i feel cool today.
i was chalked and it's grand.

unfortunately the sprinklers reached the majority of the chalk before i saw it. but i got the gist.
and i would go take some pics but it's hot, i'm lazy and there is a strange man parked in my driveway.

i love me some good chalkers.
there's some rad people in this world.


home is wherever i'm with you.

If you could be anywhere in the world at anytime where would you be?

Oh thanks guys. Easy question. I would be 28, married, two children, and living in this house right here. No doubt.

That house is beautiful in every single way to me. Cobble stone walkway, white fence, stained glass windows, wrap around porch, light post, the little red accents.


Oh! Here is Spencer at Amy Smithsons dwelling. She was wearing her pajamas. Then her nasty cat escaped and Spence had to chase it down. Good thing he is allergic and it made his eyes puff up. Oh, Amy.


because i love your strawberry sundress.

why don't you sit right down and make me smile?

{when i'm older i want a bathroom that has orange wallpaper, with pretty designs.  
{i would love having a job that requires me to wear classy outfits: pencil skirts and dress suits.
{the doilies are straight again.  
{old maps.
{i want school to start.
{a sparkler send off at my wedding sounds pretty dapper.
{what happened to posts like this and this?
{staring at chocolate through the glass at a candy shop.
{i admit, i love the Hannah Montana movie.
{letters letter letters. keep them in a box, then read back on them. i love letters.
{a trip to Italy would be golden.
{Toy Story 3 was lovely.
{if you could have anyone's hair, who's would it be?
{i have a box full of lace and buttons.
{i want to fly.
{i love watching my favorite parts of Pride & Prejudice over and over.
{maybe just an hour or two and a pot of tea. still one of my favorites. love; her dress  freckles  birdhouses  buttons  blue laundry machines  black bow  fort full of lanterns  dancing.  


RIP-World Cup.

let's congratulate Spain for winning the World Cup for the first time.
but, that match was kind of a joke.
thirteen yellow cards, one red. really?
and can we please shoot the ball on frame, maybe.
Spain deserved it though by far. dominated.
and Spain gets the reward for some of the best looking players.

MO was there.

"i'm just a little bit caught in the middle. life is a maze..."

this is how i feel about my room right now.
i haven't seen my floor in four weeks.
pretty sure the carpet is probably a mold fest from soggy towels i am obviously too lazy to hang up.
i blame the pool for my dilema. i blame the pool for everything.
i've worn the same clothes every day cause i can't find any others.
my sheets and bedspread have done 360's about three times cause i'm too lazy to tuck em in.
don't even know where my pillow cases are.
i just counted seven water bottles on my dresser. seven.
my doilies are all clumped.
"i don't have junk mom. i have piles of junk."
story of my life.

so, i dedicate my heart and soul to cleaning up Dobe's Abode for the remainder of this day.

see ya.

MO wasn't there.

We went to the sliding rock yesterday in Alpine. I'd say after hiking for what felt like years to find it we had an excellent time.

but then these arabian terrorists followed us home....



This Doberman is instinctively alert, loyal, loving, and has a watchful temperment. She is naturally protective of those she loves, and uses her keen intelligence to weigh various situations. Unless neglected and bored, this Doberman is a quiet dog.
She is a healthy and hearty dog with few ingerent illnesses.
This Doberman comes in a variety of colors. (white in the winter months, golden in the summer)
She has little to no "Dobby" odor. An occasional bath, with a mild moisturizing dog shampoo will keep her looking best. Don't forget to trim the toenails as they grow puickly on this Doberman.
Whether you are looking for a companion, a dog for agility, tracking, obedience work, or many of the other dog related activities, my Doberman is the dog you are looking for.

(she also responds to the name Jenna)
Just respect her.
Price: no price
Please contact Carrie Smith if interested.

Just a few other pictures of her over the years...

This is Dobe after winning the world cup

She loves to play dress up!

First time with braces!!

Let the bidding begin!

in your wedding dress.

go look at these wedding pictures and i dare you to say you hate her dress.
it's perfect.
i always thought wedding dresses looked so uncomfortable. but her dress is
so perfect.
it's different. it looks comfy. and that lace and that flower...
i. want. it.

these are some really cute ideas:
 and especially here.

i really like the photographer's style in these photos. really.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

a) you can sit and watch it forever and always be entertained, one of those things you don't get tired of.
b) the best is when it lights up the whole sky at night.
c) every blast is different.
d) if closely followed by thunder...the pool closes for half an hour.
e) when combined with rain, it's magic.
f) fireworks in the sky.

lightning storms are prime.


"We are all dobes. but jenna is The Dobe." -coach.

everyone is a dobe.
everyone is a dober.
carrie is MY doberman.
the word dobe means idiot or dead last in japanese.
but dobe is a good thing, really.
dobe originated from my last name. dobry.
dobry, dobe. same thing.
i say dude and dobe a lot. a cross between the two equals 'dube'.
being called dube could possible be the best compliment in the world.

"you dober."

there's a movie called The Doberman Gang.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

go watch this movie.
i didn't know a movie could make me cry so hard.
but, it's dang good.


i found you, miss moo goo.

too much excitement.

i will live...

Brock, ensuring patron safety.

the things you see from chair two.

Brock Moon. sitting on chair five, you watch as he glances over his left shoulder. does a double take because he notices some seagulls picking at a plastic box of nachos on a table. he yells at them, they don't flinch. he shrugs and continues to scan his area. a minute later he looks again and the seagulls are still eating away. a little girl notices the seagulls and starts to walk over to the table, the seagull prepares itself to make launch. Brock notices, and whistles at the seagull. yes, Brock whistled at a seagull. the seagull takes flight.

good one Brock.

and due to our newly formed frienship on facebook, i was able to snag this photo out of Brock's album filled entirely with pictures of his beloved house.
hello Brock's toilet.
creepy? yes.
we enjoy Brock.


america. america. this is america.

Happy Fourth of July.
the 4th of July is the second best holiday.
when you wake up on the fourth, you can tell it's a holiday. a goodun. it's got a special feel to it.
good memories.
like that time when Jordan King threw a sparkler into the field across the street, and caught it on fire.
or when the Young's had that big neighborhood party.
or the time my cousin slobbered all over my bunny.
and that year Kelsi and i got all tricked out for the occasion, ribbons and all.
or when i was at the Dixie soccer camp, and missed out on the celebrations. but i did get to hear Diana Chudleigh ask "wait, how do you makeout anyway?"
or the year my family stopped going to the high school to watch the fireworks cause "we could see them just as well from our front yard." my gag. so i went to my room to pout, and missed the fireworks alltogether.
and all the food. oh the food. food food food. homemade ice cream, it's a tradition.
or that one year when my old dog Obi went crazy and trampled all the little children.
and the year we did maintanance at the pool and had to clean all the fireworks out of it.
and this year, when we did the fire dance in our front yard.
scary, scary eyes. sorry.
fire is fun. America is great.
"fire dance! fire dance!"
i love the fourth.