i like your sundress.

so guess what, Alice in Wonderland is coming out this week.
this song is good.
school in the summer is the worst.
when Megan takes me out for snowcones...i like it.
doing the rounds in the drag is a lot better when in reverse. skateboard.
sometimes people try to splash you while you're at the diving board stand so you get soaked and sometimes i wonder who reads this blog.
song sung blue.
it's awkward when you see people running up stairs in just their underwear.
i like being home alone.
and this picture, nuff said.

i want to go on a trip.

i'll travel by balloons.


Grandma's yard was full of dandelions.

then i found Grandpa's old truck.
and Grandma's red swing and white picket fence.
then Gran showed me old scrapbooks, chests full of pictures and journals from the 1920's, her typewriter, and let me try on all her old earings.

i was in vintage heaven for hours.


oh man oh man

one of the greatest things about lifeguarding is when...
it's tuesday.
it's seven ten.
and the water arobics class is starting.
that one massive instructor pulls out the ancient stereo system from the maintenance room.
she puts in that CD with tarzan and girls just want to have fun on it.
the old ladies with permed hair strap on their floatation belts.
then they kick and they pull through the water
and for an hour you get to watch a few seventy year olds have the time of their lives.
oh sweet sin. i love summer.

guess what.

i pulled a hairball out of my shower drain yesterday.
it was bigger than a buick.
pretty sure it was an accumulation of about two and a half years of hair.
for reeeaals.

i'm not gonna lie, i enjoy doing stuff like that. even if it's the sickest thing in the world.


the faces of summer.

yeah well, it's freezing today.

i think one of the worst things about lifeguarding is having to watch the nasty pool couples.

today i got to watch, we'll call them Vay and Tal. one is graduated and one is in ninth grade...cute couple.
then there were those two fourteen year old couples who couldn't seem to keep their hands off each other, even outside of the water. half the time i didn't wanna know where the guy's hands were. i saw em lock lips a couple times too.

and i hate when you've gone almost the whole rotation without having to get in the water at the bottom of the slide and then two minutes bufore you get to go on break some wretched children come and you have to get wet. sweet mercy.

one other thing i noticed.
chacos save lives.
i slipped so many times today, if i would've been wearing my tough terrain chacos this wouldn't have happened.

yeah. the pool is great.


something you should know.

the reason Brock is so rad...
he can fly.

leaving this viking ship.

today i decided that i am really not that grown up, nor am i ready to graduate. seeing all my senior friends in their cap and gowns made me sick. real life is coming fast and i am not ready. senior year, lets make it good.

last night i was super tired and i just wanted to sleep and not read my scriptures, but the problem was i couldn't find my hideous red and blue sparkly retainers. i can't sleep without them. so i tore apart my room to find them and after a long time guess where they were? in my scriptures, right where i should be reading. coincidence? i think not. so i read my scriputres and they are true.

dober got me sick.

lifeguarding at the pleasant grove veterans memorial pool is a joke. sometimes i sing while i'm on stand because obviously there are no people to watch, then the person comes to rotate you and it's awkward.

that's all. this was worthless.


just waggin.

Dear John is calling my name.
but too bad i have a nine page paper to write.


warmify that.

maksh me happee today.
drives with my coach. awkward times at the pool. sunglasses that turn the world into a warmify wonderland. "we have a great frientship." G photography. climing trees. "alls she ever did was play her gameboy." ice cream spots. warmify. "why am i so gassy today?" i feel really good about this. G status. texting people that are too cool for me...kinda. coincidentally matching. burning stacks of school work. my gagi. burning stacks of school work with mah great friends. thinking of rad-like stuff to do this summer.

this is the symbol of a true frientship ferever.

hooch yeah.

there's this one spot in PG where we perk our cars and eat ice cream.
and we plan our outfits to match cause we're best friends.
no. we just seem to be doing this more and more often on accident...



you are such a cute girl!!
i had so much fun with you in english!
we need to play this summer, k?
lots of love,
Carrie Smith.

gag me. i think i might have accidentally written this in someones yearbook tonight. is was that horrid music and strong bodily odor that made me do it.

but it's summer and i had five guys and farrs fresh in one night so life is good.

yes please.

take me there.


Dear Jessie,

i think you are pretty rad, and i'm pretty sure we have a lot in common. i want yer number. we should do stuff together, yeah? yeah. i like your happy lists and your blog and your cool headbands that you wear. i bet if we compare our itunes libraries they would be very similar, it's on my list of things to do. do you wanna go to the She & Him concert with Carrie and me?
alright well,

...sometimes when i do absolutely nothing on the weekends i watch lots of movies.
this weekend:
Sherlock Holmes, twice. Pride & Prejudice. Lord of the Rings. Star Trek. an Office episode. 500 Days of Summer. Dan in Real Life. and a lot of soccer clips on You Tube.
yeah..i have a life, and lots of friends.

Shake Your Peace is cool. and so is Broken Bells and Band of Horses.
oh wignit, this post makes me sound like i'm desperate for friends.

french footballer's headbutt.

remember this...
aww yeah. World Cup here we come.
just 19 more days.
Landon Donovan, yer hot.



we watched this video in seminary once.
i am so scared of crocodiles, it's almost ridiculous.
i have nightmares about them often.
how Steve Irwin did it i dunno.



red things.

today i like red things.
like spencer's hurr and cinnamon flavored candies.
Dobers lips.
those balloons
mary's swim cap. showing her viking pride.
that warm christmas cap
kirklands christmas sweater
lifesaving devices (ok that one is orange but look at the awkward picture i snagged)
and sumo thongs

happy friday

don't you wanna get out of cape cod.

once upon a time there were four college guys attenting Columbia University who decided to make a stupid video about a guy named Walcott who was leaving Cape Cod because there were vampires after him. they named the video Vampire Weekend, then wrote a song about it called Walcott. then they started a rock/indie band and named it Vampire Weekend too, and now they are famous and i love them.
that's all.


gushing magic

don't you even try to tell me they aren't real.

The Weepies.

Mrs. Smithson is rad. she is funny and pretty and understanding and sarcastic and she deserves happiness in life. she's prolly one of my favorite of all teachers.

then there is Professor Fullmer..we go from Christ to Satan to legalizing prostitution to pornography and degrading females to watching inapropriate You Tube videos containing half naked women all in one lecture. plus he swears at least three times every day. he makes me feel really awkward and disturbed.
but whater.

it sure is nice to have Van Dijk back. i missed laughing at his permanent leftover grins.
someday i will ride a double decker in England or NYC. or both. yeah, both.

click on photo for source.


size up the scene.

someone left a skateboard on my car today. it made me laugh a lot.

lifeguard videos are so awkward. you know what else is awkward? Joey B....you know...big J the lifeguard trainer...he remembers me and mary's names from two years ago. also, i still have his number in my phone.

it just barely hit me today that most of my friends aren't going to be here next year.

leeAn asked hayden for a hug.

kirk is going to date my sister/spencer's mom.

this girl in my ward called me popular today. sick joke.

farrs fresh tomorrow? yes please.

import infested dirthole full of hideous monsters...school.

Alice in Wonderland. it comes out soon. 
get excited.


"blah blah blah".............................gag me.

1) In´wit
a: Inward sense; mind; understanding; conscience

2) Whim·sy: also whim·sey \ˈhwim-zē, ˈwim-\: also plural whimsies/whimseys: irregular from whim-wham
a : an odd or fanciful or capricious idea
b : a fanciful or fantastic device, object, or creation especially in writing or art

now i can say stuff like, "you inwit." or "that's so whimsy." or "what a whim-wham." and i'll feel cool about life.

i am the walrus.

i like Fleet Foxes.

wouldn't it be neat to go to New York City with a good friend. or go for a run on the beach. or see Paul, an original Beatle, in concert, it's prolly loads of dosh to get tickets. or not have a facebook account. or just go driving while you listen to Van Morrison. or have a red umbrella to take with you to school on rainy days. or own Vans in every color. or climb the perfect tree and eat skittles in it while you people watch. or if you could really fly away with balloons. or not have a cell phone. or run away for a day or two and just be alone. or if time didn't exist. or go to a Real game with soccer friends.

i think so. 


oh judas

even horses are using me as means to kill themselves.

must break the curse.

my mom just called.

proof: Paul Mccartney is coming to concert in Salt Lake. therefore, he is alive.

my sister just asked if i could get the song, Body Language, for her. sounds like corruption is in our midst.

we're hoping to go to Jack's concert with fwends. if yer interested in joining us let us know, we do like people.

apparently i get some jacket with Kirk all the time. nope. that one is false.


we had an auction in seminary and somebody decided to bring a poppy seed muffin. i love poppy seed muffins. sometimes they remind me of that one Seinfeld episode when Elaine eats a poppy seed muffin and some wierd results come up in her urine test. that's wholesome.

some people just look dang good all the time. how? tell me how.

here's a good song for ya. they kinda sound like The Smiths.

if you ever need some dead silence. just drive up to the spot. it's by Carrie's house. you can scream all you want, it feels goood.

sometimes i call Carrie my coach. don't mess with my coach. she is deadly. she def knows what she's doing. most def.

forever in blue jeans babe.

so i like to think i have a way with words sometimes. like when people try to mess with my dobe. i may not be able to beat someone in a fight because "i don't play a contact sport" but i could choke them with my words easily.

the opposite of "jk" is "fr"

"Friends come & go as school shakes up our life and puts us in the blender, but for some reason, Carrie freaking Smith is every where i go. Since the womb, we've been best friends & i know that the Lord has glued her in my life for a reason."-Megan freaking Ardell Abel.
i am possitive she will be my friend for life. plus, we met in the pre-existence.

flamingoing is my newest form of vandalism.

can people really sweat bullets?

shake your peace is the coolest. (props to keetch) i want to go to one of their shows purrty bad.


i want to be a lighthouse keeper.

i've always thought lighthouses were cool. in the movie, Your's Mine and Ours, they live in a lighthouse house. i want to live in a lighthouse house.

i am Lorenzo Bartelini!

Letters to Juliet,
i loved you so much. you made me smile forever after i'd left the theater. you made me excited for true love. you made me hate passionate chiefs. you made me laugh, especially at the clever lines of...
Sophie: "can you move?"
Charlie: "only my lips."
you made me want to marry someone with a british accent who will take me away to England to live in some old historical home. you made me want to go to Italy and ride around the country in a little red mini cooper car. you made me love cute old couples even more. you made me want to eat large ice cream cones in a european plaza.

i want to see you again.

i met a real car surfer yesterday.

move this house to pleasant grove and i am so there.

life is a beautiful thing sometimes. when you get calls from old friends and your backyard smells like lilacs. when you are surrounded by amazing people and there is only one week of school left to worry about. when you don't go to morp. when people leave you funny voice mails and there are awkward kids selling lemonade. when you have your favorite hymn stuck in your head all day.

mmhhmm. it's a beautiful thing.