happy halloween.

heh heh.

i love gloves.

the fingerless kind,
that is.
just realized how old i really am.
18 is old.
even older than Harry was when he entirely anialated Voldemort.

i decided scary movies are pretty dumb.
except there's a few that aren't: 
"when a stranger calls" is a good one. and "signs" is classic.

i also decided halloween will be a lot more fun when i have little kiddos.

film photography is a lost art.
very sad.

my eyebrow hurts right now.

this family is too cute.
their kiddos are adorable.
she takes lots of great pictures, and lots of feet pictures.
i love feet pictures.
her room is beautiful.
i wish i had her curly hair.

happy halloween.
go eat some (more) candies.

the end.


in my fort.

i made a fort. a blanket/sheet fort.
i felt a little like these guys. minus the husband.
i surely enjoy it.
and it was a lot of fun to make.
in my fort, i hung hearts.
3 sheets.
six heart doilies.
2 strands of christmas lights.
my round napkin doilies.
and heart cut-outs from newspaper.

and it's nice to have a few favorite records playing all along.


"totally brill."

you know it's impossible to say caramel without enunciating the A.
oh and i guess i know where i'm going now.
their video sold me.
one to one ratio of teachers to students.
Jude Law.
not only is Jude my favorite name.
it's the name of that man.
The Holiday.
We Live Here.
reds. oranges. whites. pinks. and shades.
and i love having a camera.
i can take pictures of blastic sunsets.
and blur colors together.
then slam them onto my computer.
ten minutes tops.
i messed with that last one, it looks like lava in the sky, a little.


frame it please, and send it to my home.

i'm a big fan of seeing the greatness in the little everyday things.
therefore i'm a big fan of people that capture the greatness of little everyday things on film,

for me to look at and love.


are beautiful.

isn't that window with lace curtains and blue shutters so pretty?


tell me this doesn't look like golden with girl's clothes on.

"ah! indian...bison!
i hate you guys.
that's a wedge not a log!
i personally think we should go back to the yule log.
sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night and i'm like...oh! nick!
i only forgave myself for it a few months ago."

i would marry newman's personality.
right. now.

happy first day of wearing the fingerless gloves to school.
don't tell me the snow put a downer on your day,
cause today i might have drove to school a little happy. 
someone must know i like surprises.
it was something like christmas, a little.

lately i'm just so so so very very tired.
i also use words more than once ^
dissapointed and very, very sad, what are we gonna do now?
"no thanks, i don't want my body being used as a birthday display."

Halloween Carnivals.
today was the day. ninth ward halloween carnival.
i was an astronaut.
laurels helped with the decorating of cookies activity. and boy oh boy did i see so many cute little kids in the cutest outfits.
i can't wait to dress my mini me kiddos up for halloween.
and carve pumpkins with them.
and make caramel popcorn and apples with them.
and take them trick-or-treating, then helping them organize their candies. (i was a weird kid)

remember when i had film?
yeah i wish i had some more.


my name is marcel and i'm partially a shell.

i like that about myself.

"you don't always have to be on top.
better to be hated than love, loved, loved for what you're not.

guess what. i am not a robot."

happy first day of having to scrape off the automobiles
of flakey flakes.

i gotta get me some pre-blessed food.
and two tickets to heaven.

though, i am kinda missing the lingering raindrops and the deck and pumpkins being shiny.

now, sleep.
cause this headache is surely, surely not leaving.


days like this are weird.



in the rain.

"well it's raining...and it's pouring. and my old man, well he is snoring.

rainy day please stay."

did you know that music makes everything better.
some people don't think that but it's very very very true.

music makes.
dancing better.
rainy days better.
cooking better.
cleaning better.
driving better.
movies and Chuck better.
thinking better.
math lab class better.
doxtek better.

and all those other things.

good rainy weekend music.

Jaymay. Sondre Lerche. Mason Jennings. Priscilla Ahn. Ben Kweller.

i like music.
i like rain.
i like using my umbrella.
i like the smell of this sweater.
Mason Jennings-If You Aint Got Love.
i'm so glad i went to his concert.
hot chocolate.

Black and White.
Mason Jennings.
Audrey Hepburn.
this one's not black and white but, oh i love it.


butterflies are passive aggressive.

"I'm not gonna lie
Saying everyone's gonna be alright
And fine until we die
But what else can you do
But hope and pray and save
And we'll get by.

You got to be prepared to be surprised
It's all I know."

"Wanna hold you like never before
'case we're falling and I love you more and more.

Do you feel like you're falling down?

Ba ba ba ba ba ba."

that is THE greatest shirt.
THE greatest.

and that shot of Sondre Lerche is so dapper.


remind you of anything?

and i like these.
a lot.

one zero. two one. two zero one zero.

this blog brings me so much happiness.
they are just so cool.
she is creative.
he is talented.
she and he are so in love.

one day i hope i'm as cool as her.
as in love as she is.
with my own holga.
and stuff.

autumn falling from trees.

i can't say it enough.
i love this season.

it is so refreshing.

has it always been this great?
i just don't remember being so much in love with a season.
sometimes i take the longly long way home so i can look at the trees and colors a little longer.
driving in the evenings when there's still a little light is the greatest, especially with the windows down and the heat on.

i think a picnik sounds nice, with my picnik basket that the parents were planning on throwing out.
who does that?

a blanket.
the colorful trees.
some friends.
my camera.

i'm excited for Valentine's Day, only because i can't wait to hang these heart doilies up.

purchased HP tickets today.
you have seen this right?
definitely shiver worthy.
harry and ron are just too good looking.

these songs made today rad:
Landed-Ben Folds. i'm just real confused about the monkey.
Almost Everything-Wakey!Wakey! almost everything i wish i'd said the last time i saw you. 


at least we have a window in here.

no more fake fighting for the two of us.
though fake fights are the best.
there was a good month or two a while back when that's alls we did.
fake fight.

it seems that lately people expect a lot out of me/us.
it's just real hard sometimes.
no time. i swear.
online classes are just never in the picture.

you know what's the greatest?
reading about song artists.
i just bought THE VERY BEST OF THE RASCALS for a good 5 dollars.
5 dollars. via the Walmart.
anyway, the greatest is when you buy a new CD and then you just have to pop that baby in yer car as fast as possible and skim through every song.
and then once home you get to read the fun little packet that's inside.
aaand then you find out neat stuff about the artist.
example: the lead singer of The Rascals used to be in a mini band with Neil Diamond when he was a kiddo.
who woulda known. yeah.

CDs are so fun.
just plain old absolute complete fun.

guess what else is fun...using absolute before everything.
top three adjectives: absolute, complete, hilarious.

you are hilarious.
i laugh at you via hilariousness.
i'm stuffed via Taco Amigo.

picture time.
awkward picture by the fakely fire with the beardly friends.

most minutes of the day i don't make sense.


doxy made me do it.

top three things to pull:

things out of mud.

catnip is our greatest downfall.

in the head.
isn't the new packaging for Orbit gum so fun now.
i gotta find me my right shade soon.
sister winter.
the yellow jacket calls me.

this is a nice place to live.


"have fun."

can't take my eyes off of you.
can't take my EYES off of you.

countdown says: 30 days, 5 hours, 3 minutes, 7 seconds.


where my sticky fingers.

wingers is so good.



we saw some lone balloons in the sky yesterday.

the aspen trees are yellow, yellow, yellow.
the yellows and greens looks so pretty.

huzzah for fall.

i love that song and video, that house is full of stuff.
i love stuff.
lightbulbs, cameras, newspapers, bottles, paper clips, photos.


my goal, times two.

therefore i call that tree the Katniss tree.

i love their blog and work.
Andrew makes videos. my favorite is his Light Outside Music Video.
Carissa does photography. my favorite is her Alice In Wonderland shoot.
i think they are both so unique.
she is so plain yet really, really pretty.
they are married.
instead of sending out a Christmas card, they sent out a Merry Christmas video with Sufjan Stevens playing in the background.
she says nite instead of night.
and she calls her husband lovehead.

and i'm really loving the song Light Outside by Wakey!Wakey!
Fall Break.