"oh cool. a tiny weapons standoff."

my name may not be said much in the United States.
but it's said everyday in Russian speaking countries...
"Good Day! or Dobry Day if you speak Russian. For me, everyday is a Dobry Day because I say that to people everyday. It means that everyday is a good day. I've found a lot of Dobry things on my mission. I've found the Dobry juice and the Dobry house and the Dobry morning and evening. I've also found the Dobry people, the Dobry feelings, and the Dobry Pastor(me), to name a few."
-my brother.

so dobry day everyone.

i love Chuck:
"what are you looking at?"
"not that scar. or that scar. neither one of those scars. or your...mole.
"that is a beauty mark."
"which is what i meant by mole...beauty mark.
you're so stunning i can't even look away."

watch that scene here.
i love it.


jessie said...

sorry i always comment on your chuck posts.
but he makes my heart stop. and then start again double time.

Mallory said...

yes. everything about russians is cool.