the fab four.

"...and above all, pity those who live without love." -dumbledore. that new thrift store on state street is pretty fun. i found some treasures. a life magazine from a while back full of the story of John Lennon and the Beatles, plus pictures galore. my reading for the week. old film camera, i'll buy some film soon. six new records. two of them neil diamond. i listened to harry potter while scanning at doxy, fred died and i cried. i was alone. sunday inspiration: service, gratitude, self-mastery. i made some pompoms to hang in my room. tutorial here. they look nice. anything that'll hang from my ceiling is my favorite. four more days. my mom and sisters are in love with chuck. i can't wait for tomorrow night, two weeks is too long to go without a new episode. that was a really fun weekend. skateboarding circles. you have not seen movement till you've seen Kirk...dance. that is what it was, i'm sure. that was a good game, ya know? it's going to be a good week chums.
happy sundey.

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