not mine. grandma's.
but she said she put my name next to it on her will because i play with it everytime i'm over.

i love thanksgiving. we had more of a non-traditional thanksgiving this year. but a lot was the same as always, and it was still fantastic. i really do have so much to be thankful for.

evanston, wyoming.
they've got snow. we don't.

friends thanksgiving episodes.

a while back carrie and i spent some time figuring out what everyone we knew would be if they were part of thanksgiving dinner. who would be the napkin...the stuffing...whatever. so when we feasted yesterday i started picking people to be the different parts of my dinner. like how carrie was the jello salad, because it's my favorite. and the tablecloth was my mom and dad. and the stuffing was umbridge, i hate stuffing. the rolls were jessie. the olives were keith from doxy.
and so on.
a lot of people made it into my thanksgiving dinner this year. yes, probably you. and it just reminded me how awesome people are. and that i am so blessed to know who i know.


the end.


jessie said...

rolls. ahaha that's so cool.
wouldn't it be nice to get a letter in the mail that was typed on a typewriter

Meredith said...

i love typewriters.
its been "the mission of my life" to find one.