but i AM the chosen one.

i make deals with myself everyday.
whether it be that i get to pick a candy out of that jar that sits by the door leading out of Doxtek once i've finished three hours of work.

or that i get to watch one episode of a TV show before starting homework, scholarships, etc. but only one.
or some of a soccer game.
or, seeing as i live for movies, if i don't feel like a TV show i'll tell myself i can watch a bit of a good movie.
which usually ends up being something different everytime because i could never pick a favorite movie.

but sometimes candy and films don't cut it.

so i move to rewarding myself with stuff like making up my own yoga moves to help relax for a few minutes. or laying on my floor and listening to one record front and back. only one. always only one. or i'll make something, which usually ends up not looking so good but it's still fun.

finding motivation to do stuff is so hard lately.
but when i have a prize waiting for me, it gets done. usually, i guess.

i've found that my bookmarked blogs list is getting rather long. i'm addicted to reading about lives of people i don't know. people are cool.
i get most my ideas from people i don't know.
because, people are cool.

my grandma asked me if the keys that hang from my ceiling open anything. sometimes i look at them and wonder that.
what do they open?
maybe a chest. maybe a bicycle lock. maybe a vault.
and who used them?
questions questions.

i hung some snowflakes today.
it seemed right considering it snowed. which was brilliant.

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